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In 2002 Andrew and Ann retired to Portgower in East Sutherland, in the heart of the rural Highlands of Scotland.  Andrew was an Engineer in his old life and Ann ran companies, but in 2006 Ann  became a dementia carer when Andrew was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.  Four lonely years later  she decided no-one should ever have to do this journey alone and beginning as a lone ‘carer’s voice’, she now has a group of like-minded people around her slowly turning East Sutherland from a county of little early dementia support into one that is a model of dementia excellence for both people with dementia and their family carers. This website is a summary of that journey, which means it will grow and change, but it’s also a place where other carers of people with dementia can meet and hopefully find help.   All it needs is to take that first step, write an email and click that button!  It really is as simple as that … I look forward to hearing from you …  Ann                                 

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  1. Hi Ann, I have been given your web site address by Sonia Mangan who was on the Dementia course with you. I am interested in how you are using IT in your work at acarersvoice.
    I live in West Cumbria a rural part of Cumbria with similar challenges to yours in Scotland. I care for my wife who at the beginning of last year was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer’s. I am trying to find support groups within Copeland, that is the name of my district council, who can be contacted by myself and my wife without having to travel too far.
    Have you had any experience with video conferencing with support groups?

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