Brain Games …

24th May 2012

Andrew has just finished reading his second book while we’ve been here in India.  He hasn’t been able to read in years and is convinced that one of the brain games which encourages readingindividual words has helped him do this.  He says that before the words were simply a jumble, but now he can concentrate long enough to actually read and understand most of the words.   Takes much longer than it used to to read a book, but at least he is now able to do so!  Yay!!!

30th April 2012

Going on the theory that if you don’t use it, you lose it … Andrew has been playing brain games online and it is fascinating to watch how he is progressing most times and then suddenly he’ll take a dip … e.g. last week when he did his ‘brain game’ it dipped right down and then I remembered that was the day he had massive dental work done.   While his memory and attention span levels have risen to around the 30% mark of others of his age group, his flexibility, speed and problem solving abilities remain below 10%, so we have to work more on these.

As a carer, it is wonderful to actually be able to DO something to help!!  I’m checking into how this all actually works … follow it on the Brain Games’ page …

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