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 July 2012

June 2012

  • NHS Highland have issued a media  release  to let us know how they’re measuring up to Scotland’s Standards of Care for Dementia.  The good news is that four new Highland Dementia Link Workers are soon to be recruited by Alzheimer Scotland – Link Workers for the Inverness and Nairn areas have been in post since earlier this year – and a new post of Dementia Nurse Consultant will also be created.  See the full review details here, and find out more about the role of Dementia Link Workers and Dementia Nurse Consultants by downloading the latest Alzheimer Scotland Newsletter here.
  • The Secret Millionaire  Don’t miss this episode of the undercover philanthropy series.  One of the charities tonight’s millionaire has in her sights runs a day care centre for people with dementia in the east end of Glasgow… and NDCAN member Amanda McCarren is amongst the charity workers featured.  Watch it on 4OD

May 2012

  • CARERS GO TO HOLYROOD!  31/5/12  Members of Alzheimer Scotland’s National Dementia Carers’ Action Network (NDCAN) met Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today as part of their campaign to improve the lives of carers throughout Scotland.  They presented her with a list of five questions they would like the Government to answer.  See the questions here.
  • An Aberdeen woman who said her husband had 106 carers for his dementia in the space of a year has met Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon. Jeanette…
  •  Scottish Opera marks its 50th anniversary with the launch of a choir encouraging people with dementiato share memories through song and dance.
  • A simple test to help predict people likely to develop dementia has been invented by a company in Cambridge.

  • First Minister’s Questions 24/5/12  Alex Salmond answers a question from MSP Alison Macinnes about Jeanette Mainland, whose husband Ken died earlier this month.  Jeanette is a member of the NDCAN campaign who has been highlighting the lack of continuity in home care services.   Watch the video clip here - starts at 15.17 on the time slider.
  • Scotland’s Dementia Crisis Tommy Whitelaw, the dementia carers’ champion who recently completed a marathon walk around Scotland to raise awareness of the needs of carers, appears on STV’s Scotland Tonight programme alongside Professor June Andrews of Stirling University and Simon Hodgson of Carers Scotland. Watch the video here.
  • US pledges to tame dementia by 2025   As part of its first National Alzheimer’s Plan, the US has pledged to find an effective treatment for the disease by 2025. The US government has also launched a new website aimed at dementia carers, and has added an extra $50m to this year’s research budget, with a promise of a further $80m next year.  Alzheimer’s is estimated to cost the US $200bn dollars (£625m) a year. Read more here and visit the new Alzheimers website here.
  • Home Care Services - Radio Scotland’s Kaye Adams hosts a phone-in about home care services.  There’s a contribution from Jeanette Mainland, a member of NDCAN, whose husband passed away just last week. In the course of his illness he was visited by a grand total of 106 carers.  Other callers confirm how difficult it can be to get any kind of continuity in care – especially important to someone with dementia – with complete strangers arriving at houses to provide intimate personal care.   Other issues raised included the reluctance of some local authorities to help people who want to opt for self-directed care in the hope of finding a carer they can  build a relationship with.  Alzheimer Scotland Policy Consultant Jan Killeen helps answer the callers, but the emotion in the carers’ voices makes the reality of these service problems painfully clear.
  • Research suggests being bilingual can delay dementia   Read more
  • Reading groups have been set up across Cornwall in a bid to help people cope with dementia. The groups allow people to enjoy books and socialise…
  • A poll has suggested more than four out of 10 people know – or have known – someone withdementia. The Yougov survey indicates strong concern…
  • Jeanette Maitland has told the BBC that her husband, who had dementia, was given 106 different carers in a single year.
  • Old home movies are being used to help trigger the forgotten past of people with dementia and other memory loss. It is part of a new project called…


April 2012

  • Dementia Dog  -  Glasgow School of Art students project to train dogs as companions for people with dementia.   Joint winner of a Design Council competition to find new ways of living well with dementia. DD is being developed in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland.  Take a look at the Dementia Dog website.
  • The Capital of the Forgetful – Louis Theroux goes to Phoenix Arizona to meet people with dementia and their carers.  Linked to a highly praised BBC TV programme, “Extreme Love – Dementia”  Read more
  • Secret camera reveals appalling treatment of 80 year old resident with dementia at London care home shown in a recent Panorama report on the BBC.  Includes responses from the Care Quality Commission and the Relatives and Residents Association  Read more
  • First of Scotland’s Dementia Champions ready for action – 100 health workers from Scottish hospitals have completed specialist dementia training provided by Alzheimer Scotland and the University of the West of Scotland.  Read more
  • Professor June Andrews of the Dementia Services Development Centre in Stirling, believes that immediate low cost changes would make a dramatic difference to delaying the onset of the illness and caring for people with dementia.  Listen to the Radio 4 podcast here.

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  1. Eventually caught up with The Secret Millionaire programme last night on 4OD – congratulations to everyone at Bealach House and the home support service. Seems as if the millionaire was quite swept away with what you’ve been doing. Hope this helps it all keep going.

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