Houses in Colva

Posted by on June 7, 2012

Houses in Colva

A walk, from our house here, of approximately 2.5 kms to the best beach – absolutely fantastic, is full of houses along the full length through a winding road through the palm trees etc.

To heck with the house. I'd rather drive the jeep around to the beach.

What came to me very quickly is that almost all the houses are painted by bold colours.  Each house is a different colour.

The kids were shouting at me to say hello in English. I could not ignore them. They were really very likeable.

This was one of those that needed painting. Shall I knock on the door and give them help?

The photos on this blog hopefully give you some ideas for your house at home which will increase the financial inputs to Dulux.

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  1. Hello Andrea. Now I have seen very nice pictures you. Way to go DC!
    I hope to see you soon. Your friend Vangelis from Poros.

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