Barriers and Opportunities for Improving Dementia Care

Name of Module:  DEM9D1 – Improving Dementia Care



What are the current barriers and opportunities for improving dementia care? 

Due date of Assignment:  12th December 2011

No of words: 4,560


This paper sets out to show that the lack of knowledge and accompanying stigma attached to dementia are key factors why people with early diagnosis of dementia as well as their carers are not receiving support in the rural Highlands of Scotland; and equally how important knowledge is in those early days to help cope with the stresses of coming to terms with the diagnosis.

Examples are used to show that despite the fact that the Scottish Government’s 5 point strategy plan is not reaching people with dementia in the rural Highlands of Scotland, it is still possible by using the holistic approach, i.e. to see the man and not the illness, to overcome some of the barriers and create opportunities to improve dementia care post diagnostically within the home.

Other carer issues are also covered, particularly that of grief and how early intervention can reduce carer stress without increasing the use of the health services.

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