Coping with Dementia – Everyone’s Business

Conference at Drumossie hotel

Inverness, Scotland

 28th October 2010


Six/seven years ago I worked in Athens for Kodak who was a major sponsor for the Olympic Games.  One day I walked into a colleague’s office to find her crying.   She told me her aunt had dementia, but that it was her uncle who had just thrown himself off their apartment roof!  I was as horrified as she was and for the life of us we couldn’t understand why he would do such a thing.

Today I stand before you as a dementia carer and I know exactly why he jumped.  My husband was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia four years ago, when he was 58 years old, which meant he fell below the NHS radar for just about everything in the dementia world, simply because he wasn’t old enough!  So getting started on this dementia journey was probably the most difficult thing either of us ever had to do.  And in the beginning I must admit there were many times when I thought of that Greek rooftop!


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