Learning from Caregiver Mistakes

21st Alzheimer Europe Conference

‘European Solidarity without Borders’

Warsaw 6-8 October 2011


Speaker:  Ann Pascoe, caregiver to husband with Vascular Dementia living in the rural Highlands of Scotland.

Objective:  to learn from caregiver mistakes during the early to middle traumatic stages of dementia.

Method:   to examine and learn from caregiver mistakes by (a) seeing the man and not the illness, (b) recognizing and understanding the person with dementia’s fantasy world (c) daring to take risks and (d) identifying grief suffered by the caregiver.

Conclusion:  by taking an holistic approach to the person with dementia, caregiving mistakes can be used as learning curves to better the lives of both the person with dementia and the caregiver.


Contact info@acarersvoice.com for a copy of the full paper



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