The rains have arrived.

Posted by on June 8, 2012

The rains have arrived.

Tuesday this week the clouds opened up sending down millions of raindrops over this area.

It's getting deeper as the drains are full and it's now over the land.

Absolutely amazing to see the amount of rain that fell within ten minutes.

You lose one hand when you have to hold the umbrella as well as the bike so the water causes a problem, especially when it gets deeper on the road. Then you don't know where you going to put your feet.

And continuing for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately my walking comes to a halt as the car drivers couldn't care less if I get wet as there are more than me.

Here’s a few of the photographs that I took during the first deluge.

Our wild puppies they knew where to sleep i.e. on our doorstep so the rain doesn't bother them.

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  1. Hi Andrew…….love all of your pictures….especially the puppies….looks like you and Ann are having a great time…..hope the rain does not spoil it….take care!
    Love from

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