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Tommy Whitelaw had a successful career in the music business until his mum developed vascular dementia and he suddenly became a full-time carer. In 2011 he set off on a marathon walk across Scotland, inviting carers from all over the nation to send or bring him letters telling their own dementia stories.   He recently met Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to show her the letters and urge her government to take action for dementia carers in Scotland.  Click here to read Tommy’s blog.


  1. Dear Tommy,
    I was so moved by your recent talk on Dementia at Derby University last week, and how it affected you and your mother during the time you cared for her at home. You are truly an amazing person and the devotion you bestowed on her was commendable…I can’t believe that there are many sons out there that would do as much as what you did for her and not ask for anything back in return. You are a son any mother would want and be proud of. She was a very lucky lady indeed. Keep up the fantastic work and campaigning against this terrible illness…
    Julie McGreal-Kyte

  2. I would like to be able to help. In the past I have worked as a carer for a lady with Alzheimer’s, not. A relative . I fully understand how difficult life can be emotionally and physically for those who provide 24 hour care. I would be more than happy to offer the hand of friendship and a listening ear. I would be grateful for any information as to how I can do this.

    Best wishes

    Jacqui Foote

  3. My role in the Torquay Mental Health Team is to help and support Carers…It is quite a unique role in so much as I can relate and be the Carers voice within the team…so they get to be heard ! While not specifically involved in Dementia care..I have a number of Carers who are now caring for their loved ones who have this diagnosis. I have a number of experiences which may be of interest to you, and also,….I would welcome any help..which I could then pass on to those Carers..many of which care for a relative with Mental Health needs but also have a partner with Dementia. …..yours sincerely John

    • Thank you for your comment, John. I have passed this on to Tommy.

  4. Hello Tommy,
    I will be attending your Tour at Queens Hospital, Romford on Wednesday evening.
    I had 8 years looking after my mum who had vascular dementia, and when I lost my Dad I took over. You cannot explain the pain you go through as you see your mum go through this horrendous illness.i look forward to meeting you. I am a Dementia Champion and have been campaigning for changes and support for Dementia., at my workplace, Tesco, Roneo Corner Ronford.
    Regards Lesley

    • Hi Lesley. Thank you for your message, which I have passed onto Tommy.

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